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If your family has decided that cremation is the best for your loved one, Aarons Bessemer-Birmingham Mortuary SVC provides the best in cremation services in Birmingham, Alabama. We will handle each step of the cremation process, including arranging with the crematorium, so your family can rest easy knowing your loved one is receiving the best possible care.

If your family still wishes to have a viewing, this is still possible to do before the cremation takes place. If your family would like to have a funeral for your loved one, it can take place before or after the cremation takes place—it is entirely up to you. After the cremation takes place, you are still able to choose burial for your loved one, or their ashes can be given to you. Making a decision on the type of death services that are right for your loved one can be a difficult task, we are happy to discuss the various options with you to help decide the right path for your family.

Your family may want to consider many factors when deciding whether to choose cremation. Cremation is more affordable than a traditional burial service, and your family will have more discretion in choosing where your loved one will rest. You may choose to bury them, scatter the ashes, or place them in your home.

Our family is happy to discuss all of these options with your family, and we are proud to provide the highest quality cremation services.

Talk with us to learn if cremation services are the best option for your family and loved one.

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